Chef Emily

My passion for food was ignited at 15 after starting my first job as a fry cook for a Chinese take-out spot. It was there that I experienced my first “family meal”, a bowl of pig trotter stew. Through that first sip, I learned just how powerful a meal could be. It had surpassed the language barrier between us to say, “Welcome to our family”. That experience inspired me to take a risk and apply to The Culinary Institute of America. After graduation, I worked for Shelburne Farms in Vermont and was able to fully immerse myself in the Farm-to-Table culture. Since moving to DC I have worked in Michelin kitchens (Little Pearl, Rose’s Luxury, and their catering Extra Fancy!), as a private chef, and as pastry chef at The Blair House.

  • Best way to spend a lazy day in DC?

    I love aimlessly walking through different parts of the city and cafe hopping. On Sundays, I’m always happy to spend a morning exploring the DuPont Circle Farmers Market.

  • What's on your "making dinner" playlist?

    My making dinner playlist consists of fun music I can *safely* dance to while cooking. The songs can range from Clarence Carter to Lady Gaga.

  • Cocktail, wine, or something else?

    Wine and I love sharing it l with friends! My two go-to's are a grassy Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a zesty Vinho Verde from Portugal.

  • Restaurant or bar recommendations?

    Bar Charley was one of the first bars I visited when I was thinking about moving to DC in 2021, and two years later it’s still my favorite place to grab a cocktail.

  • Something that's always in your fridge?

    Lemons, Miso, and Kewpie. I cook using a lot of Asian-inspired flavors at home so I use these three ingredients frequently. I also keep a large jar of sugar where I add (almost) all my lemon zest for savory and baking applications.