Chef Steven

I'm from Richmond, VA and I've been in DC for seven years. I grew up in a family where everyone was always cooking, and to this day I still have four grandparents who I think would cook circles around most people. I gained a huge appreciation for cooking at an early age and witnessed how food brings people together.  I’ve been cooking for 12+ years and I love what I do. In my career, I’ve worked in many settings from Michelin-star restaurants to tiny holes in the wall (Fiola, Sloppy Mamas BBQ, Duck Duck Goose, Arcadia, Heritage Restaurant, Juleps).  These experiences have made me very versatile in the kitchen and I love to help people tackle new cooking projects. Recently,  I’ve taken nutrition courses and developed a passion for teaching people about the misinformation about eating healthy. Last year I started Inner Circle of Greens, which is a meal prep and delivery service for foodies who like to eat seasonal, locally sourced, and delicious healthy food. 

  • Best way to spend a lazy day in DC?

    On one of the rooftop bars that has good music with good friends that don't ask me about work.

  • What’s on your “making dinner” playlist?

    Al Green, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, and Prince.

  • Cocktail, wine, or something else?

    Anything with tequila.

  • Favorite DC shop?

     Hanna Market or Dupont Farmers market.

  • Restaurant or bar recommendations?

     Rose's Luxury, Elle, Chicken Whiskey, Menomale, Mi Casita Bakery and Deli, Pulma Bakery, and Bagels etc., Toki underground.

  • Something that’s always in your fridge?

    Seamoss, aioli, homemade jerk paste, random pickled stuff, random baked goods, something leftover from work.